Motorola EDGE Plus – Snapdragon 865+ 12 GB

He whats sup guys, so as I said a few days back Motorola is all set to launch their flagship smartphone. Finally a competitor to Asus ROG, Oneplus, Xiaomi and Samsung. So according to the information I received the Motorola EDGE plus will feature the flagship snapdragon 865 CPU. The top-notch silicon and in terms of design this is gonna feature a curved screen. With Samsung and Oneplus are doing already. Oneplus said there’s a punch-hole selfie shooter. This is something cliche in 2020 even also says this is gonna be Verizon exclusive for the US so great.

Motorola EDGE Plus is coming!

2ND confirmation came from the latest Geekbench listing the Moto edge+ do features. The flagship Snapdragon 865 CPU. Which is based on the 7-nanometer process and has an amazing score of 12,823 in multi-core performance. In comparison, the Oneplus 8 pro is also having a similar school. Geekbench also confirms the EDGE+ is having android 10 and 12 GB of likely LPD real 5 frames. And I have no information if Motorola is using 120 Hertz or 90 Hertz screen or something unique something different but the ad flagship is coming.

Wireless charging is coming in Motorola EDGE Plus

Wireless charging is something the model Z Got thanks to motor modes. This edge+ may also get the wireless charging support. I hope there’s IP certification also so let’s wait.

Another moto devices coming with an amazing processor

They’re also launching the model stylist. Which is having a hole-punch selfie shooter in a stylist of course? And as per the information I receive this one features the snapdragon 765 G CPU. This is great and this design looks promising they have already sent out the press invitation. Where they are likely launching the flagship Motorola EDGE plus the Moto stylus. They’ll also showcase the budget moto G8 and Moto G8 power at MWC 2020.

Battery specifications of moto smartphones

The Moto G8 and Moto G8 power are coming with snapdragon 665 CPU, Android 10, 4000 / 5000 MAH of battery. Other budget specifications I am super excited about the flagship. That Motorola will be launching this year and last year the Mesa flagship smartphone and that was a huge shocker.

Sadly there’s no information on model Z5. They may launch a mid-range models II like model Z4 last year to continue and support moto modes. But as of now, I think that project is or. So that’s all guys Thanks a lot for your time and also thanks for visiting our post from Team Tech2sphere. Also, visit Digitalspheretech for technology updates.

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