Oneplus 8 Pro – the most wanted features

The Oneplus 8 Pro is coming with a feature that you’ve all been waiting for. So like most other flagships these days. As we approach the launch of the Oneplus 8 and the Oneplus 8 pro. We’re beginning to know everything there is to know about the phone in terms of both designs. Specification one area where Oneplus fans have always complained is on. The charging front while Oneplus have always provided a fairly decent wired charge. They have avoided wireless charging a year upon year even though most of the competition is doing it.

Oneplus coming with more improved charging concept

When questioned about it in the past Oneplus CEO Pete Lau said that. They’ve been focused on fast wireless charging and bringing the fast charging experience to wireless. The issue to overcome is the heat in the process and that has been their focus. They wanted to create a solution to bring fast wireless charging to mobile devices without additional heat. Pete Lau stated that he tried 10-watt wireless charging and it just felt too slow now it could be wrong. Personally I think this is a complete cop-out and a lie I think they simply didn’t want to put wireless charging in their devices to save on cost. As well as internal space and that was just the excuse they came up with it now seems like.

It could all be changing. However, is we now have hints of wireless charging on the Oneplus 8 Pro. Now it’s important to note that this is simply a hint from Max J from all about Samsung. He hasn’t given any details of source or reason for posting the tweet apart from this is a concept for illustration. Only it would be great to see wireless charging finally make its way to the Oneplus 8. And would no doubt please at many Oneplus fans it’s also gonna be interesting to see if? When they do finally introduce it if we have an improved wireless charging or they just use that the standard 10-watt charging. We already had news of Xiaomi’s mi charge turbo capable of 30-watt wireless charging. So if Oneplus could meet this then that would be incredible.

Oneplus 8 Pro is coming with 120 Hertz Display

As well as the great news of wireless charging. We also have news of an incredible display on the Oneplus 8 and the Oneplus 8 Pro. While some of the competition is making users choose between 120 Hertz or quad HD plus resolution. It seems that the Oneplus 8 Pro will be offering both it was advised by the ice universe. And also confirmed in a hands-on photo of the Oneplus 8 pro. Now, of course, the Oneplus 8 pro display is provided by Samsung. The case Samsung displays are a separate company anyway but the upcoming S20 has hardware capable of quad HD plus at 120 Hertz.

But they’re just not giving users that option the difference with the Oneplus 8 pro is that the user will actually have a choice a hands-on photo of the Oneplus 8 Pro. Already surfaced and it’s most likely a pre-production unit. But it clearly shows us an option for 60hz 90hz or 120 Hertz. It’s great that those concerned with battery life can make a decision suited to them. So if you want to save battery you can stick to 60 Hertz. If you want somewhere in the middle you can use 90. And if you want that fast refresh rate you can use 120 Hertz in your quad HD resolution.

Oneplus 8 Pro specs

The Oneplus 8 Pro and while earlier leaks believed. The Oneplus 8 Pro was gonna have a dual punch-hole camera in the top left. We now believe it’s only gonna be a single the display is gonna be a 6.7 into 120 Hertz fluid AMOLED display. It will have a Full HD Plus resolution of 1440 by 3140. And it will, of course, have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Camera information

The new report claims the selfie camera is going to be the same as the Oneplus 8. So that’s the 32 megapixels Sony imx6 one 6 and more people were expecting a 3d time-of-flight camera on the front. It’s not gonna be the case the Oneplus 8 Pro is going to be the first from one class to feature a Quad camera set up on the rear. It’s going to come with the 64 megapixels Sony imx6 86 with an aperture of f/16 is the primary shooter. We get a 20-megapixel ultra-wide. It with an aperture of f 2.2 to a 12-megapixel telephoto with an aperture of f2.2 4 and 10 times hybrid zoom. And finally a 3d time-of-flight depth camera.

Processor, Battery, and Storage

The device will again be powered by the Snapdragon 865 but with the X 55 modem for 5G. It should be coming with the choice of either 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 storage which is UFs3. We’ve got the power button. The alert slider on the right with the volume rocker on the Left battery capacity is reportedly going to be 4500 MAH. Support at least 35-watt fast charging again we get stereo speakers on the Oneplus 8 Pro. It’s going to measure in at 165.3 by 74 by 8.8 millimeters. So the same thickness as its predecessor this initially made us think. That we wouldn’t get wireless charging but max J’s tweet suggests.

Pricing of Oneplus 8 pro

The Oneplus 8 Pro is going to come with the same RAM and storage configurations as the standard Oneplus 8. So we get 8 GB of ram with 128 storage for 714 dollars. We get 8 GB of ram with 256 storage for 786 dollars. Finally, the highest variant is 12 GB of ram 256 storage and this is 858 dollars. Of course, all three phones are gonna ship with Android 10 in the form of Oxygen OS. It’s great that we pretty much know everything about the Oneplus 8 range.

Hopefully, it will help you guys that are trying to decide which phone to buy next. But I do hope that one-plus still have some surprises at launch but as always. I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments so who out there is waiting for the Oneplus 8 and which model are you actually waiting for Thanks a lot for your time and also thanks for visiting our post from Team Tech2sphere. Also, visit Digitalspheretech for technology updates.

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