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INSANE SPECS leak information

We already know that this year there are three phones under the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Just like last year but instead of the Samsung Galaxy S 20E. We have Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra. Which is the most feature-packed among the three in the last post? Did I talk about the camera specifications of each phone under the galaxy s20 series? But today the specifications of every phone under this series have leaked.


Looking at these specifications only it looks like. Samsung is going to set a new benchmark with its upcoming premium flagships. Because the specs are so impressive starting with the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20 full specifications

It has a 6.2 inch dynamic AMOLED quad HD Plus display with 120 Hertz refresh rate. So yes the 120 Hertz refresh rate is now confirmed. There is Exynos 990 SOC powering the galaxy s20 5G. There is 128 GB internal storage with the option to expand. The storage by a micro SD card up to a terabyte. The battery is a 4000 mAh unit. Android 10 runs out of the box with 1 UI 2.0 on top. Coming to the cameras now there is a triple camera setup on the back.

That includes a primary element of pixel camera it is the new sensor with 1.8-micron pixel size and not the older 12-megapixel sensor. That we used to see on Samsung flagships from the past few years. There is a secondary 64 X with a telephoto lens with a 3x optical zoom. Then there is a third 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera there is support for 8k video recording at 30 frames per second. It is done through the 64-megapixel camera instead of the primary 12-megapixel camera on the front. there is a 10-megapixel camera that can shoot 4k videos at 60 frames per second. the Samsung Galaxy S20 is IP 68 certified and there are stereo speakers as well.

Samsung Galaxy S20plus full specifications

Talking about the Samsung galaxy s20 plus the specs are mostly the same with a few exceptions. It has a bigger 6.7-inch display with the resolution and the refresh rate is the same the SOC is also the same. That is Exynos 990 there are quad cameras on the back but there is no change in the three cameras. They are the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20. The fourth one is a time of light sensor the front camera is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20. The battery is bigger as it is a 4500 mah unit the rest of the specifications are the same as galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20ultra full specifications

Finally, we have the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra. There is one word to describe this phone based on its specifications alone and that’s crazy. It has a massive 6.9-inch quad HD + dynamic AMOLED display with 120 Hertz refresh rate and Exynos 990 SOC. There is a quad-camera setup on the back that includes a primary 108 per pixel camera. A secondary 48 medical telephoto lens with 10x optical zoom in digital zoom. Then there is a third problem a voxel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 4th time of the light sensor. That’s not it there is a 40 mm of self front camera with support for 4k 60fps video recording the Samsung galaxy S20 ultra.

It also has the biggest battery among the three phones. There is a 5000 mAh battery which is the biggest battery Samsung has ever put in its premium flagship. Now due to such a big battery, the phone is pretty heavy at 221 grams. It is way heavier than the normal galaxy s 20 that weighs just 164 grams.

So what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series after going through? These specifications do let me know via the comments section below. I’ll catch you in the next one. Thanks a lot for your time and also thanks for visiting our post from Team Tech2sphere. Also, visit Digitalspheretech for technology updates.

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