Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – FIRST REAL LOOK

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Official leaks information

what’s up guys Karan here so with less than a month from the official unpacked event of the Galaxy S20. We got the live images of the Galaxy S20 Plus which shows how the device loves both from the front and back. There will be three variants of the Galaxy 20s, 20s, 20 plus, and the S20 ultra. So this is the middle variant that will have a 6.7-inch display. There are no surprises here because the design has already been revealed through renders a few weeks ago.

One thing to notice is that unlike the Galaxy Note 10 that has a boxer design this one has a square design instead. Which makes it look different than the note one of Max Weinbach the person who leaked the stuff says that. The S20 Plus isn’t very curved he says it has 2.5 T glass which kind of feels flat in behaving similar to the pixel to excel. And certainly not as curved as the Galaxy Note an or the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus display look

which is a bummer for people who like Samsung’s curved displays. I personally love them curved displays are one of the reasons I buy Samsung phones. So I hope they’re not making them too flat although looking at the images the curves look absolutely fine to me. But we’ll know how it’s gonna feel in the hand in real life on the back though the phone has quad curved displays. I mean the glass curves not only I decide but at the top and bottom as well. Which makes the handset look really good what makes the handset look not good though is the camera setup although.

It looks million times better than what we saw on those only suspenders. But still, I wouldn’t say it looks beautiful. It doesn’t look okay in my opinion not as bad as I was expecting it to be but certainly. Doesn’t look good as you can see. There are four cameras a flash and a hole for a microphone. Which will assist in Samsung’s zoom and mic feature surprisingly? It doesn’t have a fairy school zoom lens which means it will be exclusive to the higher-end Galaxy S20 Ultra.

New best top-class display

Speaking of which max as the Espanol travel looks better than the S20 Plus. Which is interesting it will have a 6.9-inch display. That said one of the biggest Samsung flagships ever so looking forward to it. Because it’s the answer that most people are interested in.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is Coming with 12 GB of RAMS

So the Galaxy S8 had four gigabytes of RAM as the standard the S9 plus had 6 GBs and the S10 had 8GB of RAM. As the base Ram configuration. Now it looks like Samson will up the game. This year and will include all the galaxy S20 variants with12 GB of RAM. As the base period also the RAM will be ddr5 compared to the ddr4. That we have on the s10 ddr5 Rams is 30% faster and 30% more efficient than the lpddr4 Rams. Behalf on the Garcias pants oh yeah the days of single-digit Rams are over at least four Samson flag shafts.

Camera information

So it looks like the galaxy S20 ultra is gonna be the only S20 handset. That will have the 108-megapixel camera and beepers go absorb lines the Galaxy S20 and S20 plus will have the 12-megapixel camera. Instead but that doesn’t mean the camera sensor will be the same. That we have on the S10 and note 10 it’s it wholly new. And improved camera sensor which has a pixel size of 1.8 microns. That whole megapixel sensor on the S10 and note 10 has a pixel size of 1.4 microns. The bigger the pixel size the lighter it captures resulting in better image quality. so even though the other S20 variants will not have the 108-megapixel camera. They’ll still produce great images courtesy of the bigger pixel size.

Of course with that being said we’ll get more images of the galaxy S20 plus. Today buffet comparison to the Galaxy S10 Plus. And I’ll make sure to keep you posted when he makes them available so do consider subscribing for that and as always. Thanks a lot for your time and also thanks for visiting our post from Team Tech2sphere. Also, visit Digitalspheretech for technology updates

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