Samsung Galaxy S20 ITS CONFIRMED

Samsung Galaxy S20 Confirmation Info

what’s up guys KARAN here so a few days ago we learned that. The Galaxy S11 won’t be called the S11. And after all, instead, it will be named the Galaxy S20 the information came from the ice universe where he said that. 2020 is the beginning of a new decade. That’s the reason Samsung wants to rename their new flagship to better match the new decade. Of course, it was still not confirmed that whether or not the name change is actually happening. But we have more information today which suggests that Samsung is indeed calling their 2020’s series flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung’s Biggest Flagship will be Called The Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra

This new information comes from the founder of case manufacturer Schnell. Who posted a screenshot of what appears to be a communication of some sort about the next Samsung flagship’s name. Also, the max wine bag found some coal to mi one UI 2 which is coming from Samsung themselves. So the name change is indeed happening we also have the names of the other galaxy s20 phones. The s11e will be renamed to the galaxy s20 the S11 will be called the galaxy s20+. The largest variant Samsung S20 family will be called the Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra.

Samsung Inspire From Apple and Sony Use these names

Samsung is kinda taking a page from Apple’s and Sony’s naming scheme Apple named the successor of the iPhone 10R as iPhone 11. Instead of the iPhone 11 are also Sony used ultra name in the past one of their 2014 flagships was named the Sony Xperia Z ultra. Which was a really big phablet phone at that time. So clearly there is some inspiration and, to be honest, what’s in the name s11,s20 doesn’t really matter. It’s not gonna change anything the 2020 galaxy S flagships are gonna be the best devices. That Samsung has to offer regardless of the name.

Why Samsung S30 is coming with name S21

Also for those of you who are wondering what comes after the Samsung Galaxy S20. I mean what are they gonna call the 2021 flagship phones apparently. It’s not gonna be the galaxy S30 fell instead named it as the Galaxy S21 to better align the name with the current year.

Samsung’s Zero-Bezel TV Coming!

Samsung is making a zero-bezel TV that’s right. Samsung is gonna reveal the world’s first true zero-bezel TV at the Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas. In just under ten days an outlet licensing has accidentally revealed this TV on its own website. As you can see in the featured product section on left and right the TV has literally no borders. It’s all screen which looks really premium looks like it’s gonna have an 8k panel. And the size is gonna be 65 inches or even higher and by the way. This isn’t just a concept TV where they’re gonna just showcase. It at the event to let the world know their engineering problems.

Nope, Samsung is gonna mass-produce this TV so if you are willing to spend money. Then you could have this TV set up at your home, of course, the price is still unknown. But I hope you’ll get to know more about it at CES. Which is just around a week away from. Thanks for visiting our post from Team Tech2sphere. Visit the Tech2cafe. For technology updates.

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