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MGET i500 pro-Airpods clone

Today we’re taking a look at the MGET i500 pro wear Airpod Pro clones and that’s coming today we’re taking a look at the MGET i500 pro. And these are of course air pod pro clones from MGET in these things sound incredible. It would start with the unboxing. We first get the instruction manual followed by the charging case. With the MGET i500 pro inside and. Finally, we get the Lightning USB cable.

Overview of MGET i500 pro

For full disclosure, this post is sponsored. And they’ve sent me the MGET i500 pro for free to review for you guys but. That, of course, that does not change my opinions being air pod pro clones. They look the same as the real Airpod pros. They’re one to one identical clones and look like the real thing in size color and shape. It even says that designed by Apple in California underneath the hinge on the back. If you tried to pass these off to someone is real Airpod pros. Then you probably would easily get away with it. We’ve got the green LED indicator on the front. And the pair button on the rear with of course a lightning cable charging port at the bottom.

Charging technology information

The charging case is held shut magnetically and it does a good job of staying shut. But it’s still easy to open the Airpods. Themselves are also held in place magnetically to make sure everything stays secure. If we take the airport pros out of the case. You’ll see they’re identical to the real thing when you take them out of the charging case. They’ll be in pairing mode the first time so you can easily pair them to your phone. If you need to repair them in the future you can simply press and hold the button on the back. And this will allow you to pair it with your phone. They also show up is real air pods on the Bluetooth and when using an iPhone they still come up with pop-up animations.

Specs and Features

When it comes to specs they’re using Bluetooth 5 meaning great quality in low latency. While they don’t actually list the battery specs in the MGET i500 pro. That they provide four hours of listening time from a single charge. They provide 15 hours of total listening time when recharging with the case. The MGET i500 pro takes 45 minutes to charge inside the case after using these I can confirm these numbers to be correct.

Touch Tap for next stop

They’ve got all the usual features such as tapping them to play pause at next track etc. And you can also keep your fingers held down to access Google Home or Siri. To be honest, if you’re someone that wants real Airpods. but doesn’t want to pay the huge price tag then these are an incredible alternative.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality that the best sounding Airport clones. I’ve ever used and better than the standard MGET i500 pro’s, in my opinion, I would say the sound just as good as the real Airpod pros volume-wise. That they give much louder than. I would ever need them to be and they sound great across a wide range of music. The highs are nice and crisp the mids are great but the bass is where. These airport pro clones really do excel or some other Airport clones. I’ve tried have sounded a very flat these do a good job in a wide variety of genres. I even turned up the lower frequencies in my equalizer and they still perform well. They provide deep bass without Distortion even in maximum volumes.

Price of MGET i500 pro

When it comes to cost they’re currently 69 pounds or $89.99. The of real Airpod pros but again a little bit higher than your standard Airpod clones given. That they look sound and function the same as real Airpod pros though. If you don’t mind having a clone then it’s definitely worth saving the money instead of buying the real thing. Previously I would have said the MGET i500 pro clones were the best sounding. But these do definitely sound much better although as I said they cost slightly more. They are however the new airport pro shape. So if you still wanted the original air pod look I would recommend the MGET i500 pro.

If there is anything I’ve missed or you’ve got any questions. Then just leave them in the comments. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting our post from Team Tech2sphere. Visit the Digitalspheretech. For technology updates.

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