How to convert iPhone X to iPhone 11 pro- In just 2$

How to make your

iPhone X look like I’m from 11 Pro

iphone X
iPhone 11 pro stickers

Here is the Option’s the first one is to spend $1500 to get a new one from Apple Store. The second option is to spend two dollars to get this magical stuff to make your iPhone 10 look like iPhone 11 Pro.

How does it work

Let’s go actually there are three kinds of magical kinds of stuff. I call it the first generation of the second generation. The third generation let’s check one by one.

The iPhone 11 pro’s 1st Generation

iphone 11
Covert iPhone 11

It is totally flat so it doesn’t apply I found 11 Pro we don’t talk about.

The iPhone 11 pro’s 2nd Generation

iphone 11
2nd Generation

The cable ring is very big it looks very similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s very similar and but there is a problem. It doesn’t have a hole for a flashlight. So the first light doesn’t work in this stuff

The iPhone 11 pro’s 3rd Generation sticker

iphone 11
3rd Generation

The camera is smaller but there is a hole for fresh light. So your friend works again here but. It’s not so similar to the real iPhone 11 Pro. There are not any perfect solutions it depends on. Which one you prefer to have you want to make it look similar to iPhone 11 Pro. You want fresh line work.

How does it work

Let’s check with the iPhone 10 the first generation. A lot’s fake’s not similar to the iPhone11 Pro. The 2nd generation and I take off the tape. Put it in the right position now it looks similar to iPhone 11 Pro. But it’s a problem you see. The Apple logo is in a different Position this one is higher. This one is lower and bigger. There is the iPhone text here it’s very easy to solve. This problem you can use the case to cover it so no one will know. When we will see that it is a different logo.

How flashlight works

it’s very similar and if you don’t like to use the case that’s another solution. It’s also very easy you need this tempered glass back cover. I put it on the backside and the hole is in the totally right position. So now your iPhone can look like iPhone 11 Pro. Now it’s very similar and but the problem is that. The flashlight doesn’t work anymore. I turn on the light but that’s not analyzed through here.

Turn off and now we see how does it look in the 3rd generation. Put off the glass-like tempered glass and take off this stuff and the flirt one I take off the tape you see the backside the material is real aluminum alloy. The third one I put here and put on the cover and turn on the light you see they’re like worse again. Turn off now your iPhone tank looks like iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 11

But it only looks like it’s not real because if you check Bery close you will see the difference from real iPhone-11 Pro. The microphone will be affected by this stuff you see. I got green stuff and the back glass is matte black. So if you get black stuff your time will be more similar to iPhone11 Pro. So if you have a very high requirement for this stuff. I don’t recommend to you. If you only want to make it for fun just try it is funny.

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