Amazon ECHO Buds Hands-on Impression

Hey, I’m here, At Amazon announce the slew of new devices. At a big device event here at the spheres outside and among them. We’ve got new Amazon Echo buds these are wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Features of Amazon Echo buds

That has Alexa built-in they have full voice-activated functionality. She can just say the wake word activates. The assistant asks it a question and gets a response right in their ear now in addition to that you can actually tap. Hold to access the ascription of your choice on your phone. So if you use Siri on an iPhone or the Google Assistant. On an Android device just tap and hold you could talk to that assistant to.

Amazon Echo buds
Amazon Echo buds

The battery life of earbuds

You also double-tap to activate both ambient noise reduction. That’s gonna help bring the sound down in places. Where it might be a little noisy like here in the press room it’s not full noise canceling. But it is an added element of sound quality that a lot of audio files might appreciate. Now the echo plugs come in this nice charging case. They give about 5 hours of battery life for trimming music for hours. If you’re making calls Amazon says now you’ll see. When I open up the case where you get this little light that comes on it’s green. Then it’s going to turn blue to indicate that the buds have paired with the phone.

Amazon Echo buds
Amazon Echo buds

Pricing of Echo buds

When you see that you’re also gonna get a little card in. The Alexa app that offers control to the bus with that card you can turn. The microphone on and off you can mute it if you want a little privacy you can also control. The pass-through and the ambient noise reduction that’s provided by foes here. So it’s supposed to be a very good crisp sound from a nice set of earbuds. Now Amazon’s echo buds are available to pre-order right now at a price of 129.99$. And expected to ship out in time for the holidays they’ll try and compete with. Apple’s air pods and the Samsung Galaxy buds. When we test them out soon let you know how they stack up

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