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What are Google stadia?

Stadia is an alternative to Netflix?

So this is Google stadia and it’s Google’s reaction to the future of gaming. Now first I just want to clear up exactly how Google stadia works. Because I feel like there’s a lot of confusion in the gaming community. Right now a lot of people think that Google stadia is like Netflix for video games. Where you can just select a list of video games and play it for a monthly fee. But that’s not actually how stadia works stadia unlike Microsoft Project X cloud is something. In which you basically pay for games at full price and then it renders the games on their servers. Pulls down the data to you think of Google stadia kind of like. A console in the cloud that can render things at full resolution up to 4k 60fps

Stadia’s streaming information

If you have the pro tier and then you’re basically streaming it back to your TV. So it is like Netflix in that you’re streaming it but it’s not like Netflix. That you still have to buy most of the games at full price now at lunch. There’s only gonna be a pro tier for Google stadia which is 10 dollars a month. That gets you up to 4k streaming on a Chromecast at 60fps with 5.1 surround sound but later in 2020.

There will be a free tier so you’ll be able to just use the surface. Still, buy the games at full price but that is limited to 1080p streaming. Now if you’re gonna play on your phone on your laptop. That’s limited to 1080 to be streaming anyway. So it seems like the free tier is kind of a good option though like I said it’s not gonna be available until 2020 at some point. Stadia controller and you don’t necessarily need it to play stadia on your phone or your laptop. Because you can actually use any USB compliant controller to play. In fact, you can pretty much play any game on your laptop with just a mouse and keyboard. But I think that Google really wants you to use the stadia controller.

Because there are a few benefits that the stadia controller has that other controllers just don’t have now. First of all, you’re gonna need the stadia controller to play on your Chromecast of ultra.

Google stadia
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Google Stadia connection with Google assistant

There is a stadia button in the center which is basically used to power it on. Then you’ve got a Google Assistant button that can be used to help you. Throughout the game, you can take a screenshot and Google assistant will be able. To pull up a YouTube video and show you where you’re at in the game and kind of pull up. A walkthrough right now Google assistant doesn’t work on Google stadia. So that’s a feature that’s coming in the future other than that you’ve got the standard d-pad. You’ve got your X a Y B array and you’ve got your triggers it’s not really a complicated controller but.

It is a pretty cool controller and it feels really nice in the hand. It is u.s. be compliant controller but Google hasn’t said whether or not. They’re actually going to let you use it on other games yet. But we’re hoping that they do in a future software patch. So this is actually a Wi-Fi controller so the stadia controller uses Bluetooth to connect to your Chromecast ultra. Which basically just gives it the Wi-Fi information. Then it sends the data up into the Wi-Fi to Google servers and then your Chromecast ultra pulls that back down. So, unfortunately, you can’t just use this as a standard Bluetooth controller right

Google stadia supports Google pixel mobiles

Now you can also use this on pixel phones pixels 2 through 4 basically. So pixel to pixel 3 an in pixel 4. You’re probably wondering if you can just play the game on your pixel wherever you are. No, you can’t use mobile data to play but you can use a tethered connection. So if you have another phone that has data technically you could connect to that hotspot and then play on your pixel phone. But I’ve got to warn you to google stadia uses a lot of data even for like a 720p to 1080p connection.

I was getting about 2.5 to 3 megabytes per second of download. So you’re probably not going to want to use this on a hotspot for reference. That’s about 7 GB an hour which is just a ton of data if you’re streaming. Something like Netflix that’ll also use something like 2.5 to 3 megabytes per second. It’ll actually buffer the content with Google stadia it’s constantly pulling down information every second. It can’t actually buffer content so you’re going to be pulling tons of data while you’re playing with stadia.

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